1st ARVI COST Summer School on Runtime Verification

co-organized and sponsored by COST Action IC1402 ArVi

September 23-25, Madrid, Spain


We are excited to announce the first edition of the RV Summer School: Branches of practical topics rooted in theory, sponsored by COST Action IC1402 ArVi. As the name suggests, the summer school promises to provide a balance of theory and practice: In the theoretical aspect, while all the core concepts will be thoroughly covered, participants will also be exposed to cutting edge advances in the field. At the same time, the summer school will be very hands-on and students will follow up with practical work in the evenings so that by the end of the summer school, participants will have their own basic runtime verification tool.  

The Summer School is organised over three days with a series of lectures from international experts during the day and a follow up practical session in the evening to enable the participants to incorporate the covered knowledge into their tool. The first day will cover the fundamentals of runtime verification: starting with the basic concept of what is runtime verification, moving on to instrumentation techniques, and property specification languages. The second day will cover the major practical  aspects of runtime verification: handling data through monitor parametrisation, monitoring concurrency errors, and performance issues of monitors. The second day will end up with a session on RV tools, giving the participants time to try tools and interact with their creators. Finally, the third day will cover advanced and cutting edge research in the fields with topics ranging from runtime enforcement to the combination of static and dynamic analysis, and  from monitoring of distributed and transaction-based systems to low-level hardware monitoring.

For PhD students and researchers entering the field of RV, the school will be a great opportunity to get to know other people working in the area, to meet distinguished scholars, and to establish contacts that may lead to research collaborations in the future. For people coming from industry, the school will provide an exposition of the major challenges as well as possible solutions to the application of RV in industry, an exposition to the major tools, as well as the basics of RV tool-building.

A maximum of 20 grants of 550 euros were allocated by the COST association in the context of the COST action ARVI.


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